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 Holiday Special! $50 Initial Consultation. Limited Quantity Available.

The introductory 50-minute one-on-one
session can be via Skype, Facetime or Phone to discuss
your goals, health history and past hindrances.

This consultation will allow you to meet us and:

  • Explore your health and wellness concerns.
  • Identify your health and wellness goals and envision how you’ll feel once you reach them.
  • Begin to discover the path to your best self that fits in with your lifestyle and realities.

  • Uncover where you are getting stuck in reaching these goals.
  • Get to know us better–our style, how we support you and how EMBODY Wellness stands out from other health professionals.

Together, we’ll decide which of our programs
or a la carte options are best for you.

Ready to start your journey to EMBODY Wellness?
We’ll send you a health and wellness history to fill out and send back
to us in advance of your consultation. This will enable us to make your
first session meaningful, impactful and customized for your
journey to EMBODY Wellness.

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